Art Exhibition

Head, Heart & Hands

My friends here in Denmark are all really talented and all have something special to bring to the table. And for that reason the initiative was taken to create an art exhibition. To give a stage to some of the works of the people. The exhibition consisted of different forms of art like singing, painting, poetry and product design.

We had a stage and some musicians so during the exhibition we had live music and some performances which made the whole evening even more special. The teachers gave us some budget and helped us with setting this whole thing up, so again a special thank you to everybody for their energy and time!

I also decided last minute I wanted to expose something. I wasn’t planning on doing so because I was in Copenhagen till Wednesday evening so I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare for the exhibition which was on Thursday. But nevertheless I found some stuff which I thought could make for a nice addition in the exhibition. I had some nude drawings, together with a nude sculpture which was already quite nice. Also I was working on a lamp which was not yet finished, but I put it in the exhibition anyway to give my setup an extra bit of personality. You can check out the pictures below and in the gallery you find photo’s of the whole evening. Enjoy!