Global Change

Head, Heart & Hands


During my course in Aarhus, Denmark we had to make a short movie. A movie about a topic you could choose your own and our group choose Global Change, since this is a hot topic and we are all invested in this. 

So we went out into the woods and streets to ask people what their thoughts about Global Change was and afcourse nobody liked it. But when we later asked what they themself do to help or prevent this issue, most of them didn’t really know what to say. 

And that is the messege of this video I think. We didn’t want to give some list of things you could do to help, because we are quite certain that most of the people know what to do. But we wanted to show that the time of being selfish is over. We all need to do our part in order to keep this world alive for the next generations.

If the video doesn’t work, try this link: Global Change Aarhus – Head, Heart, Hands