Salone del Mobile

Product Design goes to Milan 

In the spring of 2018 me and a whole bunch of awesome people from my study Product Design went to Milan to visit the Salone del Mobile. We went with the bus for about 4 days. Our first stop was at VitraHaus in Germany. This was a really nice experience, I like the minimalistic design of Vitra a lot. From there it was another few hours until we arrived in our hostel. Me and my roommates (Julius, Vinoud & Sebas) started unpacking and after that the fun began.

What I remember about this trip was that there were a lot of hidden places with design related stuff. At one moment we were walking in a street where there was a open door to the right. We all went in and there was a room full of glass balls hanging from the sealing. And when you blew in one of the balls they would all light up after one another, magical. 

This trip also formed a very deep connection with some people. I am grateful.

Check out my Milan Gallery to see some pictures from this trip!