The Head, Heart & Hands course is almost at it’s end. But there is little time to feel sad about this, because the last weeks are all about making the most out of it and constant fun. We are having dinners, bonfires, random events or even the small things like watching a movie together. Everything counts.

It is weird that everything you do here with these people feels normal, as if you have known eachother for years. Probably because you spent almost everyday of the week together, combined with the super personal and open start of this semester. Where we would hold hands, sing, dance and share our pains and joy. 

And at this start a plan was made to go to a summer house at the end of the course, back then this seemed like so far ahead. But now it is already in the past. Friday the 31st of May we went to Grenaa, an hour away from Århus. We arrived in this cute, scout like, cottage. Where we would be for 3 days, 2 nights, with 20 amazing people. This whole weekend was filled with, adventure, bonfires, beach, Olympics, the occasional drinks and so much more.

I brought my camera and let it just sit on the table, for everyone to grab and take pictures. Take a look and join us on our magical weekend!

I am slowly starting to realize how many dear moments I have had with these truly amazing individuals and how much love and honesty was shared. Tak! For these unforgettable 5 months <3